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TACS PROTEC Mousse medium 18″

$190.00 $160.00

TACS PROTEC Mousse was developed by TACS RACING SYSTEMS to make your ride even smoother, faster and safer by protecting your Tubliss system.

It combines several advantages in one:

– Progressive Damping Technology

– Improved Off Camber Traction

– Anti Snake Bite

– additional Tubliss protection

– drastically reduced puncture risk

– ultra light weight – only 600 g (1,32 lb)

– Available in 2 different compounds soft and medium

– Very easy to mount

– Very durable

For most riders (especially faster riders) it is recommended to use the MEDIUM TACS PROTEC MOUSSE because of its longer lifetime especially when riding on a pinched / flat tire.
The SOFT TACS PROTEC Mousse is recommended only for lighter riders or for extreme conditions without fast connection parts.
(Tubliss system not included)



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