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Rear Brake Disc Guard for SHERCO 2014-2023



  • SE125, SE250, SEE300 2T       2014 – 2023
  • SEF250, SEF300, SEF450       2014 – 2023


100% adaptable to the rear calipers

Sherco rear disc protection is a specially designed part for Sherco motorcycles and helps protect your rear disk brake. Off-Road motorcycles such as Sherco  motorcycles may be worn or damaged by rear disk brake system, stone, rock and other external factors, as it is used under harsh conditions. This may reduce the efficiency of the brake system and cause dangerous situations.

Sherco rear disc protection is designed to prevent these problems. This protection increases the performance of the brake system by protecting your rear disk brake from external factors. Also, thanks to its easy installation, it is very easy to add extra protection to your motorcycle.



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