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Nuetech Tubliss System 18″



By eliminating the tube, you eliminate the dreaded pinch flat, forever! Tubliss employs a dual pressure chamber system by replacing conventional tubes with high pressure, rim protecting inner bladder acting as a 360 degree rim lock that seals the tyre to the full circumference of the rim.

Tubliss acts as a 100PSI bumper, providing a protective cushion against rim damage. It also stablizes the tyre closer to the rim so the sidewall stands up instead of flopping over, which allows the tyre to absorb more of the impact forces before they get to the rim.


  • Breakthrough Low Pressure Capability
  • Massive Traction Gains
  • Plusher Ride
  • No Pinch Flats
  • 2 Minute Tyre Repairs
  • Superior Rim Protection
  • Super Durable
  • Tyres Last Longer
  • Ultimate Upgrade



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