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MOTOES PHDS Progressive Handlebar Damping System 28,6mm M10 BLACK


PHDS are well engineered sophisticated handlebar vibration dampers, not just a simple rubber ring under the bolts. These are the best in their league and an industry standard used by KTM and Husqvarna rally teams. They are the only product used in Dakar by pro teams.

What is PHDS ?
The PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Dampening System) is a system supported by elastomer dampers designed to absorb engine and chassis vibrations.

The system also dampens the forces acting on the handlebars in a horizontal and vertical direction, maintaining steering precision. The handlebars can be adjusted in several different positions when the PHDS is mounted.


Sold as a set (10mm including risers )

  • Comes with medium rubber (Yellow). Soft (Black) and Harder (Red) rubbers available separately
  • Color is silver
  • For 28.6mm (1-1/8″) handle bars (OEM for KTM and Husqvarna)
  • M10 bolts (OEM for KTM and Husqvarna)
  • Clamps have the same built-in offset as stock. They can be rotated 180 degrees, for a few milometers of forward or backward offset
  • Compatible with all TripleClamp Moto steering damper mounts for 790, 890, 990, 950, 1090, 1190 and 1290


  • `00-15 KTM 85-530 All
  • `16 KTM 250/300 SX/XC
  • `16-23 KTM 150-500 XC-W/XCF-W/EXC/EXC-F
  • `08-18 KTM 690/R/SM
  •   KTM 790/890/1090/1190/1290 Adventure
  • `14-15 Husqvarna 85-501
  • `16 Husqvarna TC 250/300
  • `16-23 Husqvarna TE/FE 150-501
  • `21-23 GasGas 125-450 All
  • `03-14 Husaberg 125-570
  • `14-24 Beta Off-road models (will not fit trials models)
  • `18-23 Sherco  Off-road models (will not fit trials models)

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