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MOTOES Beta Rear Brake Disc Guard 2013-2024 2T- 4T Models


— Integrated with brake caliper support and brake disc guard
— Protects the rear brake disc from rocks and other solid objects
— CNC-machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum


BETA 125RR 2T 2018-2023

BETA 200RR 2T 2019-2023

BETA 250 300 RR 2T 2013-2023

BETA 250RR 2T Enduro Racing 2013-2023

BETA 300RR 2T Enduro Racing 2013-2023

BETA 350RR 4T Enduro Racing 2010-2023

BETA 390RR 4T Enduro Racing 2015-2020

BETA 430 480 RR 4T Enduro Racing 2015-2023

BETA 390 430 500RR-S 4T 2015-2023

BETA 350RR-S 4T 2011-2023

BETA 450 400 RR 4T Enduro 2010-2014

BETA 498RR 4T Enduro 2012-2014

BETA 520RS 4T Enduro 2010-2014

BETA 450RS 4T Enduro 2011-2014

BETA Xtrainer 300 2015-2023

Brand         : Motoes
Condition : 100% Brand New
Qty              : 1x Rear Brake Disc Guard
Material     : 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color           :Silver



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