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MOTOES Bash Plate With Pipe Guard For KTM-HUSKY-GASGAS 2023-2025 TBI 250/300 2T


The Bash Plate with Pipe Guard we designed for KTM’s 2024 chassis takes your driving experience even further! This unique product increases your performance and durability while providing maximum protection for your chassis and exhaust pipe.

Bash Plate with Pipe Guard, produced to ensure your safety even in the toughest conditions, is made of high quality materials. It protects your chassis from bumps, scratches and collisions while keeping the exhaust pipe safe. So you can push your limits on your off-road adventures or challenging tracks.

Combining durability and functionality, Bash Plate with Pipe Guard saves you time thanks to its easy assembly. At the same time, it attracts attention with its stylish and aerodynamic design, while adding an elegant appearance to your motorcycle, it does not adversely affect your performance.

Make your road safer and more enjoyable with the Bash Plate with Pipe Guard for KTM 2024. Enjoy riding with confidence while protecting your motorcycle’s valuable components. Experience this superior protection and performance enhancing product today!


KTM EXC250; EXC300   – 2024  ( New Chassis )

KTM XCW250; XCW300 – 2024 ( New Chassis )
KTM XC250; XC300                   2023 – 2024

KTM SX250; SX300                         2023-2024

HUSQVARNA TE250 – TE300   – 2024 ( New Chassis )

HUSQVARNA TX250 – TX300      2023 – 2024

HUSQVARNA TC250 – TC300      2023 – 2024

Internal sludge discharge and channels for cleaning.

Made of 5754 / thickness 4mm hard aluminum.

Weight only; 2,35 Kg

Delivered with all necessary screws and clamps.


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